Ukrainian crisis response

The actions we have taken in response to the refugee crisis in Ukraine are based on the words of UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi: “We want to ensure that the rights of refugees are respected everywhere and that they have access to shelter, food and medical care. This must continue. But we also want to create opportunities for education and livelihoods.” (Feb. 2016)

It is becoming essential that we stop seeing ourselves as separated by borders, customs and the language we speak and find the internal resources to be able to act as one when it comes to implementing humanitarian aid. The measures developed by the SUS INIMA team outline a smooth transition from a state of non-statehood to becoming active members of an active society for refugees.

The staff involved in the SUS INIMA intervention team is international and involves specialists from several fields: social, educational, economic and cultural.

The programmes developed involve measures that provide immediate, medium and long-term support for refugees.

Lu Knobloch – director of strategic organizational development