social inclusion through performance art

The workshops will be focused on games-like activities, that will help the participants develop new skills in a fun and creative way. The primary goal is to develop workshops and activities for both Ukrainian and Romanian participants that can help create common spaces, a common language and generally demonstrate that unity through diversity can prevail. Culture as a means to unite, help heal trauma and help grow inner strength and fortitude has been proven time and time again.

Within the societal fabric it seems to be the key type of activity when tackling issues as: social disparities, language and cultural barriers, hate-speech, antisemitism and gender equality. SusInima Plays workshops start from the 1st of November 2022 and will be held daily in designated spaces for designated groups.

The content has been closely developed by our team of professional artist, teachers and psychologists that have been working with the targeted groups for the past 6 months. The workshops will include participants of all ages but will start with children aged 4-18.

They will be divided in age appropriate groups.

It is a 3 stage concept that implies developmental stages taking places over the extent of 27 of months.

The result will be cultural products based on performance arts and the development of a network of facilitators that can uphold and grow the concept for the future.

More details soon…


Overall benefits of SusInima Plays

Physical development

Most games involve the whole body, this will increase the coordination, space orientation, and muscle strength. It will also give the children a great opportunity to use their energy in fun activities.

Mental development

Every time we experience a new activity the brain generates neural pathways that increase our ability to adapt and learn.

Emotional development

Interactions based on playfulness and joy are helping us to develop healthy emotional structures that increase emotional balance, release stress and anxiety. This will help us cope with challenging situations.

Sense of team work and belonging

Most games involve working in pairs or a team. This way we learn the value of helping each other.

Social interaction and empathy

Playing together we learn what are the boundaries each of us has and how to interact empathically with others respecting the safe space we each need for a harmonious development.

Rules and roles

Every game has rules and we learn to be free inside of these boundaries, discovering that rules are creating a safe environment for everyone to explore his creativity.

Sense of feeling safe and being valued

We are accepted the way we are! We will discover our unique gifts and we will embrace our vulnerability.

Music and rhythm

Music is universal, music goes beyond language and culture. It is an opportunity to express our true nature and to open our heart. Singing and playing instruments create unity and peace.